Ben Affleck Explains Why Deathstroke Is The Villain In ‘The Batman’

It’s been a good couple of weeks for Batman fans, with Zack Snyder revealing a picture of Ben Affleck’s tech suit in Justice League and Ben Affleck giving us the current title of his stand alone dark knight movie, The Batman. It was also revealed relatively recently that Deathstroke was going to be the villain in The Batman and while promoting The Accountant, Ben Affleck reveals why exactly he is making Deathstroke the villain…

“He’s a great villain because—I just had an instinctive feeling that he would match up with him well. You know, I’m a big admirer of that character as well, especially in the New 52 the way that they did Deathstroke, and I thought that it could work.”

Deathstroke is a hired mercenary and theres some speculation amongst film fans that Amanda Waller will be the one who hires him to go after Batman. There are also rumours that suggest that Lex will hire Deathstroke but nothing is confirmed yet and we know too little about the plot of The Batman to tell you what seems most likely. All we know is that Joe Manganiello will be playing the cinematic version of ‘Slade Wilson’ and he will definitely be a worthy adversary for Ben Affleck’s Batman.

The Batman will hit theatres around the middle of 2018 but you can catch Ben Affleck as Batman in Justice League on November 16th 2017!

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Thumbnail Deathstroke art credit: @wildfireoriginal

Source: Collider