‘The Flash’: Keiynan Lonsdale On Becoming Kid Flash

The timeline in The Flash has never been so messed up. With Flashpoint now taking place, most viewers are wondering the same things: Where is everyone? How different are they? And what are they up to now?

As for Keiynan Lonsdale’s character, Wally West has become The Flash in this alternate reality; or rather, Kid Flash, as much as Wally seems to dislike the name. Lonsdale fills us in on where Wally is in season three and about how becoming Kid Flash was a surprise:

“The major change, and the most obvious change for Wally, is that he’s now The Flash. I wasn’t expecting it at all. I wasn’t expecting to transition into Kid Flash so soon. But because of Flashpoint, anything can happen, really. It was just exciting! As soon as I read the script for 3.01 I was into it.”

In the following video, there’s a little more information on Kid Flash, along with some new footage! Season three of The Flash premieres on The CW on Tuesday, October 4th at 8/7c.

Source: http://heroichollywood.com/the-flash-keiynan-lonsdale-talks-kid-flash-in-flashpoint/