John Wesley Shipp Says Henry Allen Disapproves Of ‘Flashpoint’

The first episode of season 3 of The Flash airs this Tuesday and if you didn’t already know, it will adapting the famous comic story-arc ‘Flashpoint’. At the end of season 2 we say Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) run back in time to stop his mother from being killed by the Reverse-Flash. Therefore, when season 3 begins we will be seeing a new timeline for the first few episodes.

Actor John Wesley Shipp who played Barry’s father, Henry Allen, on the show says that Henry Allen does not necessarily agree with Barry on his decision to save his mother…

“Henry would be very, very concerned. We already know, because he said to him from the jail cell when Barry said ‘I could undo all of this, I could go back and save mom,’ Henry told him, ‘No. You can’t. There are unintended consequences to things. Things happen, maybe not for a reason, but things happen the way they do and when you go back and you fool with something, you may be thinking you’re creating an idyllic present and future that you want, but it’s like a Pandora’s box: you have no idea what you’re opening.” 

We could be in for an incredibly emotional interaction between Barry and his father if and when Barry tells him what he has done to save his mother. We have seen some incredibly emotional interactions between Barry and his father and just from Grant Austin in general throughout the show’s entire run, such as Henry Allen’s death in season 2 and some of the jail scenes in season 1, so if this story arc is setting up another emotional scene between Barry and his father then fans should get ready.

Shipp went on to say that Jay Garrick of Earth-3, who he also plays, certainly doesn’t agree with Barry’s choice to go back in time for selfish reasons given that he has already done it once before. Shipp teases that Earth-3 Jay’s relationship with Barry will be “emotionally cooler” than previously seen.

Season 3 of The Flash airs this Tuesday 4th October on The CW!

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Source: Comic Book