‘Agents of Shield’ Episode 4.05 Title Revealed

We are already two episodes into the Agents of Shield season, and we have already seen so much exciting action. 

We have already seen Robbie Reyes as Ghost Rider in action(played by Gabriel Luna). Then we have the new and improved Daisy Johnson, also known as ‘Quake’.  With action often comes news, and that’s what we have today. 

As per SpoilerTV we now know the title of episode 4.05, this season. The episode will be titled ‘Lockup’, a particularly interesting name. The name could mean many things, but I have one exact idea on my mind. 

In my eyes, this is what will happen in the episode. Based on the previous episodes, we have seen the ghost possessing a few people, most notably Agent May. In this episode I believe that we will see Agent May get captured and locked up due to a crime or wrongdoing she commits while in that state. 

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