Simmone Missick Was “Shot” While Filming ‘Luke Cage’

Simone Missick, the actress behind Misty Knight recently spoke with Metro in regards to Marvel Studios’ latest project, Luke Cage. During the discussion she proclaimed

“I got shot in the face!”

Obviously, she wasn’t actually shot by a bullet, she continues to clarify confusion by saying the following.

“Our lovely special effects team were like: ‘No, no! Don’t use a double. You’ll be fine!’ and I said: ‘Alright guys! I’ll trust you this time even though I’ve heard horrible things!’ And I got shot in the face and got a dozen roses the next day.”

As you can obviously tell, there is a ton of commitment to the project by Simone. Although there have reportedly been many accidents in the filming of the show, it isn’t surprising to see, simply due to the absolute no lack of action in the series. 

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