Moira Queen To Return For ‘Arrow’s 100th Episode

A couple of days ago Stephen Amell teased the return of Caity Lotz, A.K.A ‘The White Canary’, for Arrow‘s 100th episode which will air in November. According to Entertainment Weekly, Susanna Thompson who played Moira Queen on the show in previous seasons is returning for the show’s milestone episode.

Thompson was last on the show in season 2 before she was killed by Manu Bennett’s ‘Slade Wilson/Deathstroke’. Fans learned that Slade Wilson will also make a return after Arrow star Stephen Amell tweeted out the below photo…

Also reprising their roles in the 100th episode will be Katie Cassidy as ‘Laurel Lance’ and Jamey Sheridan as ‘Robert Queen’. It’s not that surprising that the show is bringing back some of its older characters for the milestone episode, so it will be nice to see some old faces!

Arrow‘s 100th episode will air on the 23rd November!

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Source: EW, @stephenamell