Mike Colter Talks About What Separates Luke Cage From The Other Defenders

Marvel’s next highly anticipated Netflix series Luke Cage will be available on Netflix tomorrow. The trailers have definitely ramped up the excitement and now fans are ready to binge all 13 episodes. Luke Cage actor Mike Colter sat down with Variety and spoke about how much his life has changed since being cast as the title character…

“It’s odd, because I try not to think about my life changing. That sort of stuff makes me nervous and self-aware and self-involved, so I try not to focus on that. It’s a game I play with myself, and I’m pretty good at it. Regardless of things that are going on in the real world, in my head I’m the same person, and things are kind of the same. But yeah, things are changing.”

His character first appeared on season 1 of Jessica Jones and Colter was asked about the differences between the version of the character we saw then, versus the character fans will see tomorrow…

“He had a suspicion that getting involved with Jessica was going to be bad news — it wasn’t going to end well. And I think against his better instinct he still wanted to get involved — he allowed himself to get sucked up emotionally and physically.… I think he’s learned his lesson. But then again, Luke is a hopeless romantic, and ultimately he functions better with someone. He always wants to have someone by his side, so that’s his Achilles heel — wanting to find that connection with someone.”

After fans have watched all 13 episodes, they will have to wait until The Defenders becomes available on Netflix next year. The other characters in that show, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist will hopefully all bring something unique to the table. When asked what sets ‘Luke Cage’ apart from the other Defenders, Colter replied with the following…

“Luke comes with a certain amount of emotional depth. As a black man in today’s culture, what he represents and what he’s dealing with in his own life — being a fugitive on the run but being innocent, but at the same time not feeling sorry for himself — he’s always thinking about the community, and thinking about things in a larger sense in his life. He wants more than just this thing that he’s doing now — it was kind of thrust upon him. He’s very thoughtful about his actions. He has no agenda with his powers. He’s seen what helping out leads to; he doesn’t see the point. It never ends well. He doesn’t have a costume, he doesn’t have a mask, everybody knows who he is. So I think he brings a certain gravitas that says, “I don’t want to rush to judgment about anyone. I don’t want to do anything until we just talk about this, because everything has a consequence.” I see him as the consigliere of the group.”

Marvel’s Netflix shows have been a brilliant addition to the comic book universe and we’re sure that Luke Cage will ramp up the excitement for The Defenders series!

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Source: Variety