‘Luke Cage’ Will Not Be Centered On Only African American Struggles

When the Luke Cage trailer dropped early last month, people immediately started to take notice of the environment around Luke. The show will take place in Harlem, NY (all the Netflix shows take place in some area of NY) where a large population of African Americans live. In the trailer itself, most of the people interacting with Luke Cage are of the same ethnicity. Most people assumed it would centralized on that theme as a strategy to bring something different to streaming services. In an industry where minorities and people of different ethnicity don’t get their deserved time in the spotlight, Luke Cage promises to deliver that spotlight. Those who think that Luke Cage will only be focusing on racial boundaries, inner city crime, and certain aspects of life shouldn’t be so quick to assume. Mike Colter, who was previously seen on Jessica Jones’ inaugural season, recently talked to Variety about how the show isn’t as different as it sought out to be:

“People want to describe it as a black show, but I would say it’s inclusively black, in a sense that yes the characters are black and yes you’re watching a show shot in Harlem, but these inclusively black characters have the same problems you have, and go through the same sort of issues that everyone goes through.”

The show will show that everyone has their own problems and when you truly compare everyone side by side, the problems aren’t too different from each other. Fans won’t have to wait long to see if Colter’s words hold true; the show is set to release all of season 1 tomorrow on Netflix. The title sequence was released earlier today on the official Twitter account (@LukeCage) and it’s certainly interesting:


Source: Heroic Hollywood

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