Deathstroke Rumored To Appear In Justice League

After a trailer and a couple of reveals about new suits and abilities for the Justice League, it’s safe to say it’s the most anticipated movie of 2017. DC will finally see 4 years of movies and connecting the dots come to fruition on the big screen when they #UniteTheSixSeven. Zack Snyder has been extremely coy about revealing details about the movie but every now and then, he likes treating the fans to some news that sends the internet into sheer madness. Earlier today, he shared a tweet of him cosplaying as the Batman and looking menacingly at a tablet, shown below:

To the average tweeter, this is nothing but a regular picture of a regular director. For the DC die-hards, this was a puzzle to be figured out. Of course, the people with experience in deciphering pictures (thanks to Photoshop, most likely) came up with this:


While Deathstroke is currently set to appear in the Batman solo outing in “a year and a half” according to executives from Warner Bros., does this mean we might get our first look at Deathstroke during the team-up movie? One of Deathstroke’s original creators seem to think it’s a good idea and are actually looking forward to it:

A dignified cameo introducing his origin might be more than enough to get fans excited for a bigger role in his next movie but is it worth the risk of having too much characters in one movie? We’ll have to wait and see. Justice League is set to release on November 17th, 2017. Do you think it’s a good idea for Deathstroke to show up this early? Comment below!


Source: JoBlo

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