Tilda Swinton Discusses Variations of the Ancient One

When the Doctor Strange movie was announced on Marvel’s slate in what feels like forever ago, fans went nuts. Armed with an all star cast and numerous storylines to adapt on the big screen, the upcoming movie seems to be destined for greatness at the box office. With two trailers in the books and several imagery onset released to fans worldwide, it won’t be long before fans will get their first look at the mystical side of Marvel. One of the more controversial things about the movie was the choice of who was to adapt the Ancient One. In the comics, The Ancient One is depicted as an Asian male with experience in all things magic and mystic. He serves as Stephen Strange’s mentor and brings him into the world he knew nothing about during his previous career as as a successful surgeon. When it was announced that Tilda Swinton will be playing the role, fans were confused. Some criticized  Marvel by straying from the source material just to impress the ever-growing movement of gender equality along with the risk of avoiding further criticisms from other parties. Tilda was shown soon after during the first look at the movie and fans were convinced. Tilda has changed her look in a drastic way and has shown some amazing development compared to her last few movies onscreen. Screen Rant recently caught up with Swinton to get better insight on the once-controversial casting, along with her thoughts of her pupil:

“This is the launch of the Doctor Strange film interpretation, of — in my view — a classic, which has been interpreted many times by other graphic artists and this is just our graphic interpretation of The Ancient One.

I would say the whole approach is about a kind of fluidity. There are many graphic artists who have interpreted The Ancient One as a Tibetan Buddhist Lama, we’re kind of shifting that a bit. We’re trying not to be fixed, we’re trying not to be fixed to any one thing, any one gender, any one spiritual discipline, and any one race even; we’re just trying to wing it beyond that. So it’s a new gesture really, just another interpretation. The Ancient One as you know is the master, is the Sorcerer Supreme…Strange comes to learn how to heal himself, and The Ancient One has got the knowledge. It’s really important to The Ancient One that Dr. Strange does cut it, because The Ancient One needs a successor, or certainly needs a, you could say a son.”


Hamed Alazzamy

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