Stephen Amell Shares Photo With Supergirl

As per the usual, marketing strategies usually gain some momentum leading up to premiere night. In the Arrow-verse, this strategy works in four different ways. Each way is derived from one of the CW’s many shows including The FlashLegends of Tomorrow, and the recently acquired Supergirl rights. To make sure the network stays true to the shared universe theme, it was announced that there will be a mega-crossover between all four shows. Earlier today, Stephen Amell treated fans to a picture of a potential scene from the crossover episode on his Instagram (which just so happens to be the show’s 100th episode):


While it remains to be seen how the Girl of Steel will be incorporated into this newly established universe, one thing is for certain: it’ll be interesting to watch. You can catch the crossover episode in late November or early December near the conclusion of 2016.


Source: Heroic Hollywood

Hamed Alazzamy

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