Kevin Feige Talks The Rules Of Magic And Science In The MCU

Doctor Strange is only a month away and when it releases, a whole new aspect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will come along with it. This new aspect is of course magic and mysticism, which Doctor Strange is known for. Previously in the MCU, we have seen everything based in science, including Thor and the realm of Asgard. The closest thing to magic that we have seen so far is Scarlet Witch’s powers, but those too are based on the Infinity Stones and thus science. In Ant-Man, we got to see the Quantum Realm, which many speculated would play into Doctor Strange.

Now Marvel President Kevin Feige has come out and spoken about how magic and science work in the MCU, and how they intertwine. Check out his comments:

It’s very hard, because you don’t want to rule yourself into it being mundane or rule yourself into it not being fantastical or magical,” he said. “Certainly, we’re not doing that and you’ve heard me talk about the Quantum Realm in Ant-Man, which was certainly designed for that movie and for that story to take the notion of somebody who has the ability to shrink to another level that we’ve never seen before.

“As we were doing that and studying it and talking to the science advisors who are always more than willing to spend an afternoon with us and talk about these amazing things. That the Quantum Realm is another dimension. It tapped into what we had been working on for this movie, as well. That really became the notion that we’re scratching the surface with the Quantum Realm and then we just do a deep-dive in this.”

Of course, just like in MCU style, it also has to look cool. Feige also addresses the importance of that.

“A lot of it is, is it cool? Is it entertaining? Does it give us visuals that we’ve never seen before in a movie? That’s been particularly hard on this film to find outside of the comic books and the Ditko artwork, comparable for the visuals we want to bring for this,” he said. “Steph Ceretti, our visual effects supervisor, has amazing reference. All of it is sort of close to what we want but none of it is exactly what we want, which is an exciting place to be in. The visuals that you’ll ultimately see in November, we might not even have seen yet because they’re still being designed and developed.”

Since the first pieces of concept art dropped, Doctor Strange has looked like a visual masterpiece. You can see all the amazing magical effects when Marvel’s Doctor Strange releases this November 4th.


Sean Hussey

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