Vincent D’Onofrio Hints That Kingpin Might Not Be in Season 3


In the aftermath of an incredible season 2 of ‘Daredevil’, fans have been speculating as to where writers will take Vincent D’Onofrio’s character, Wilson Fisk, also known as Kingpin. Last we left him, he was in prison, looking for way to claw his way back to his role as the ‘Kingpin’ of Hell’s Kitchen. His encounters with Frank Castle and Matt Murdock revealed that the show wasn’t done with him, much to the happiness of viewers. The actor took to Twitter recently, after fans sent some questions his way, and said this after being asked specifically if he would appear in season 3:



Some fans were understandably upset at this response, even though it’s quite possible he doesn’t know what season 3 holds, as it’s been confirmed but not scheduled for anything yet. D’Onofrio responded to one fan who said he wouldn’t continue watching if he didn’t cameo in the next season:



While it’s great that D’Onofrio is excited about the show and it truly seems that he cares about what happens to it, I, and fans all over the world, sincerely hope that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of him in the show, even though I wouldn’t go as far as to not continue watching. I happen to care about whether we will be seeing Nelson and Murdock get the band back together again, among other things. It does seem that the actor is probably just creating some hype amongs the fanbase; giving them something to talk about. Since season 3 left his character wide open, we will most likely be seeing him again, if not in ‘Daredevil’, then maybe somewhere else. (‘The Punisher’ series? ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’?)


What do you think about D’Onofrio’s tweets? Do you think it’s just him building up some excitement in the fans? Or is maybe this the end of Kingpin in ‘Daredevil’? Let us know in the comment section, or on Instagram or Twitter!