‘Rogue One’ Is Going To Be Grittier Than Traditional Trilogy Films

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is rapidly approaching, with fans anticipating it with a bit of curiosity, as it is the first Star Wars film to break away from the usual trilogy format. Riz Ahmed, who is playing a rebel pilot in the movie, recently partook in an interview with The Wrap and shed some light on the project:

“The film is about complex characters and loyalties and murky pasts. The film is a little edgier, with people making these huge compromises. History isn’t always clear.”

He then proceeded to state the following:

“I don’t think it will disappoint.”


The movie deals with a very heavy plot; a team of rebels who go on a mission to retrieve the Death Star plans? Not exactly safety-ensuring, and it makes it even worse if the team isn’t able to trust/get along with each other. Fans also know that one of their favorite Sith lords will be returning, as the film takes place before A New HopeRogue One is only months away, but stay tuned for updates that drop in the time being!

What do you guys think? Are you hoping for a grittier Star Wars film? Do you prefer the general tone of the other main 7 films? Let us know in the comments as well as on our Twitter and Instagram!

Source: ScreenRant