Stephen Amell Teases Third Version Of Oliver Queen For ‘Arrow’ Season 5

We have seen various versions of Oliver Queen on Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow the past several years. From pre-season 1 Oliver to post-apocalypse Oliver from 2049, we have followed the character through many different phases of his life and followed his story more than any other character so far in the DCTV universe. Now, thanks to Stephen Amell, we now know that there will another Oliver Queen he will be portraying a third Oliver Queen. Here is his official Tweet.

The possibility of a Flashpoint version of Oliver Queen is probably what Amell is referring to. With The Flash changing the whole timeline with it’s Flashpoint event, Arrow was also getting some minor changes as well. In the Flashpoint comic book storyline, Oliver Queen was a military arms dealer. It does not appear that the show is going in that direction but we may see that version of Oliver on The Flash in another timeline. While we still do not know the full extent of Oliver’s third version, we will continue to speculate until Arrow Season 5 premieres this October.

Sean Hussey

Sean Hussey is a writer who enjoys both Marvel and DC, as well as Star Wars. He also has two YouTube channels as well as hosts a Podcast.