Joe Quesada On Marvel Work and Netflix Shows

If there’s anyone in the media business that knows a thing or two about Marvel, it’s Joe Quesada. Being Chief Creative Officer of a multi-billion dollar industry that has given new meaning to comic book movies. Joe is not only a comic book writer, he’s helped draw some comics as well and has a bigger role as an editor, ensuring every comic book he has his hands on tells and shows the story in the best way possible. His contributions to the Daredevil and Spider-Man franchise has been praised by fans everywhere and his effort in the lesser-known Marvel subsidiaries such as MAX and Marvel Knights (for adult audiences) has disproven the stigma that comics are only for children. Because of his many contributions, now-iconic characters such as The Punisher, The Inhumans, and The Black Panther have become much more relevant in the scheme of things. 2 out of those 3 characters will be receiving solo movies in the cinematic universe within a couple of years and The Punisher will have his own solo series on Netflix within that same time period as well after winning fans over during his appearances on Daredevil. Joe recently had the chance to talk in depth on a number of subjects, including his work with Marvel studios, the live actions portrayals of his work, and his love for New York City:

“Everyday is different. One day I could be working on scripts, one day I could be working on things for comic books. I would say that right at this moment, just because of the sheer density of the work we have, I’m doing a lot of stuff in television right now. In particular, the Netflix stuff is taking up a considerable amount of time.”

“…It’s incredibly gratifying as well to see stories that I group up with, from the Miller stuff and beyond. Even the stuff that I had the opportunity to work on, with Kevin Smith and David Mack, and so many other people, and see parts of that portrayed in the series. And Jessica Jones, I was lucky enough to bring Brian Michael Bendis to Marvel and help usher Jessica Jones, he created the character with Michael Gaydos. It’s great to see that stuff actually happening.”

“Not only do I gravitate towards that realism and sort of darker, hardboiled side of the Marvel Universe, but it also takes place in my hometown. I’m a New Yorker, I’m still a New Yorker, and I love the fact that we’re shooting in New York.”

Creative doesn’t even begin to describe what Joe has done for Marvel Studios and Marvel Comics. Hoping Joe Quesada has a long tenure with Marvel might be good going forward considering his contributions are nearly endless on all aspects.


Source: Heroic Hollywood


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