‘Power Rangers’ Director Discusses “Grounded” Reboot & Bryan Cranston

Both director Dean Israelite and Bryan Cranston, playing the iconic Zordon, have nothing but the highest optimism for the Power Rangers reboot. It’s been 20 years since the last time we saw a Power Rangers theatrical release, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and Israelite wants to give the franchise the proper respect he feels this classic franchise truly deserves. Although it was an early morning childrens show back in the 90’s, he wants to give it a grounded and character driven foundation, and that shows with the additions of highly coveted Bryan Cranston and popular actress Elizabeth Banks. For a franchise that’s mainly based on adult teenagers, a few seasoned A-list additions will do nothing but help boost the marketing campaign and entice general audiences to go buy a ticket and see it at the theatres.

Israelite went into further detail on his grounded, big budget film while speaking to Empire:

“I grew up on it and I have all the same questions other people have. How are we going to update this? How will it exist in the contemporary superhero cinema canon? We’ve made the suits practically with Weta Workshop, with new cutting-edge tech.”

He continued:

“Like everybody, [Cranston] was sceptical, but he saw a bunch of footage and got excited for the potential. I think it’ll be a thrill for fans to see what we’re doing with Zordon.”

This film has a lot of potential, and a lot more than many would speculate upon. The young cast is extremely talented, and this is their chance to showcase their true ability on a much larger platform. They’re working with a big production company that’s provided them with all the right tools to succeed, which means there’s plenty of reasons to be optimistic for this film. I was a huge fan of the franchise as a kid, and I expect it to surprisingly overwhelm folks with satisfaction when they watch it.

Power Rangers is being directed by Dean Israelite and produced by Lionsgate Entertainment, as it makes its return to the big screen after two decades. Starring Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, Ludi Lin, Becky G, RJ Cyler, Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Banks, it’s scheduled to hit theatres on March 24, 2017.

Source: Empire