Lando Calrissian Confirmed For ‘Han Solo’ Spinoff Film

The Han Solo film from Lucasfilm and Disney has always been in a bit of controversy with the fans. By replacing Harrison Ford as the greatest smuggler in the galaxy, you also take a major risk of ruining the character. Disney and Lucasfilm have given the fans confidence several times throughout production, casting Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo and bringing on Phil Lord and Chris Miller as directors. Now, fans may have another reason to love or hate the upcoming film.

The Wrap has found out that the lovable, yet slimy Lando Calrissian will be in the upcoming spin-off film. The character has been rumored for a long time now and even Michael B. Jordan has been rumored to have been cast. While none of that has been confirmed, we can now say that he is in the film. The Empire Strikes Back did establish that Han won his famous ship, the Millennium Falcon, off of Lando, so maybe we will see that play out in the film. No word on casting or the size of role that Calrissian will have in the film.

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Source: The Wrap 

Sean Hussey

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