Dr. Alchemy Is Coming To ‘THE FLASH’ In Season Three

On top of the overload of news for the CW’s “Arrowverse” that has been upon us today (all of which you can check out right here on comicdrops.com), we now have another big piece of information concerning the upcoming third season of The Flash. In addition to Savitar and Mirror Master (who are confirmed as villains), Reverse-Flash, Grodd, Captain Cold and Heatwave, and even Golden Glider are all rumored to be going toe-to-toe with the Flash in season three.

The most recent addition is another iconic foe from the comics named Dr. Alchemy, who has been rumored to be joining the show for a while and was now confirmed by Alex Zalben of TV Guide:

Dr. Alchemy, who first appeared in 1958’s Showcase #13, is obsessed with chemistry and uses his knowledge in the field to literally use the elements against the Flash.

The Flash will return for its third season on October 4.

Jonathan Warncke

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