New Apocalypse Concept Art Released

One of the main complaints of the new X-Men threequel was comic book accuracy. The story felt a bit rushed at times and wasn’t executed as well as its previous installment, Days of Future Past, was. Granted, DOFP is a legendary comic book storyline packed with enough story to tell over several movies and not just one. One of the main complaints that fans had with the new movie is how the villain looked Apocalypse looked. Sometimes, directors and filmmakers like going in different direction to show their creative sides to viewers and give new insight into a character. What director Bryan Singer did was a bit underwhelming considering the magnitude of the character. Apocalypse was Fox Movies’ “big bad” compared to Marvel’s Thanos and DC’s Darkseid. In the comics, all of these characters have the same intimidating nature and appearance and even their powers aren’t too far off from each other. Concept artist Jared Krichevsky’s idea of Apocalypse stayed true to the comic but Bryan Singer went in a completely different direction. While most fans trusted the process and were somewhat rewarded with the movie, some might backtrack on that decision after seeing these concept pictures, which are more accurate to the comic. Check them out below, courtesy of Heroic Hollywood:

First, we have what we saw in the movie:

These were originally pitched by Jared:

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