Marc Guggenheim Talks Vixen On ‘LEGENDS OF TOMORROW’

When Vixen makes her debut on Legends Of Tomorrow come October, it will not be the same character we saw on Arrow last year. Instead, it will be that Vixen’s grandmother Amaya Jiwe, who is originally from the 1940s but now a member of the Justice Society Of America.

In a recent interview, Legends showrunner Marc Guggenheim revealed how Jiwe will interact with the rest of the team we know from season one.

“You’ve got Captain Cold, who was a criminal and out for himself. He’s replaced by Vixen, who is the definition of a superhero,” he explained. “She’s a member of the Justice Society of America, she’s from the 1940s, everything is prim and proper — not stuck up, but she does things right. You have this team that doesn’t do things right, they’re a bunch of fuck-ups. So she’s an interesting counterpoint.”

Along with Vixen, other JSA heroes such as Commander and Citizen Steel, Obsidian, Stargirl and Doctor Mid-Nite will also be making their ways onto the show. In season two, the team lead by Rip Hunter will literally hold the world’s fate in their hands, as they destroyed the time masters’ ability to foresee and control the time line according to their will. Legends Of Tomorrow returns for its second season on the CW on October 13, 2016.


Jonathan Warncke

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