‘Deadpool’ Sequel To Joke About State Of Comic Book Films

A big controversy as of late in the world of comic book films is whether or not there are too many of them. Recently, Kevin Smith weighed in and said absolutely not and I am in one hundred percent agreement with that. As far as recent CBMs go, Deadpool was a favorite amongst comic fans as well as average moviegoers. Now, as we know a sequel has already been green-lit some news has been released regarding the involvement of this controversy in Deadpool 2 by Simon Kinberg:

“I think Deadpool 2 will comment on anything that’s happening in movies today especially in superhero movies. The sort of glut or saturation of these movies and the proliferation of sequels is definitely something we’ll play around with.”


Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) reacts to Colossus’ (voiced by Stefan Kapicic) threats.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone considering Deadpool broke the fourth wall several times throughout the first film. It will be interesting (as well as hilarious I’m sure) to see what exactly the dialogue will be or where it will come about in the movie, but we’ll just have to wait and see!

What do you guys think? Is this a good move on the movie team’s part to include this controversy in their film? Where do you stand on the CBM controversy? Let us know in the comments as well as on our Twitter and Instagram!

Source: Daily Superhero