Tony Gilroy “Supervising” ‘Rouge One’ Edits With Gareth Edwards

After it was announced that Rouge One: A Star Wars Story would be going in for re-shoots a few weeks ago, rumors swirled that uncredited writer Tony Gilroy would be taking over the project from director Gareth Edwards. While Disney seemed to shut down that idea, it appears Gilroy is very much running the post production.

According to inside sources, Gilroy is “Supervising” the post production with Edward’s “Input”. However, they are working very much hand-in-hand. One of the inside sources said this about the situation.

“There are not two separate editing rooms; they are all in there with their ideas,” says one source close to the production. “Tony’s a strong force, but they’re all working together.”

This is a good sign for the film because it doesn’t appear that there is any kind of takeover. However, if Gilroy is in charge, it’s in good hands. Gilroy has worked on movies such as the Bourne series, which were very successful and all fantastic films. I am confident with Edward’s directing and Gilroy’s post production that the film will still be successful when it is released in December.

Source: THR

Sean Hussey

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