New Metropolis Set Photos From ‘Supergirl’

When Superman was announced for Supergirl Season 2, it was originally thought that the iconic DC character would travel to Supergirl’s hometown National City. But it appears the titular character is going to her cousin’s city, Metropolis. Set photos from the past couple days hinted at this location, but recent set photos have appeared on Twitter and they confirm the rumors. You can check out the tweets below.

Also revealed was an interesting image of LuthorCorp. LuthorCorp is typically known as LexCorp in media nowadays, but it was also called LuthorCorp in Smallville. This was expected after it was revealed that Lex Luthor’s sister would be in National City for Season 2.

There were also some new shots of Tyler Hoechlin as both Clark Kent and Superman. He looks a lot better in these shots and seems to be having a great time on set.

Supergirl will be moving to the CW for its second season to join other superhero shows Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. It is still believed that Supergirl will exist on another world than the other shows, so it is not expected to crossover with the other shows often. That means we won’t see a TV Justice League anytime soon.

Supergirl premieres this October on the CW.

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    Flash point is the key in bringing supergirl to the same universe as arrow/flash/lot

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