Kevin Smith Weighs In On ‘Too Many Comic Book Movies’ Controversy

Since the development of the Marvel cinematic universe comic book fans and moviegoers have debated with one another over whether or not comic book movies are too plentiful, one argument being that they will get too lazy to the point where studios are just making them to make them (and money) while others believe that they are only getting better. Kevin Smith was asked by Variety at the Suicide Squad red carpet what his opinion was and here’s what he had to say:

“Look who you’re asking. Look how I’m dressed, are you serious? You got me for five minutes and you’re going to ask that question? No, they need to make more dude. I don’t care if they’re quote unquote bad or something, the more you see the better it is. Like, make it as, as ubiquitous as the western was in the fifties I say, because what’s better than little morality tales. Some of them are going to be wonderful, some may be not as wonderful, but let em make them all. There’s no such thing as too many of these things.”


There you have it folks. His faith (along with mine and that of many other fans) is placed in the hope that films studios will have people come onto CBM projects with the drive to please fans by staying true to source material they use and creating live action versions of their favorite characters as if they were coming to life off a page of a comic book. As long as too many liberties aren’t taken and the interest in the genre by studios remains, comic book movies will continue to flourish.

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