Could ‘Legion’ Connect To The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

When it was announced that Marvel Television and Fox would be teaming up to create a Legion TV show on FX, fans of both the X-Men and the Avengers rejoiced, hoping this was the first step towards a larger collaboration between the two. While the show is supposedly not set in either the MCU or the X-Men universe, the show focuses on the son of Charles Xavier aka Professor X, who is obviously a key member of the current X-Men films.


With Marvel recently making a deal with Sony Pictures to allow the beloved character of Spider-Man return to the MCU and become an Avenger, many fans hoped that we would see a similar deal with Fox. While nothing has been officially announced, there was a rumor had acquired the rights of the Fantastic Four a few weeks ago, and that it would kick off an eventual X-Men/Avengers crossover. While reports have still circulated that there will be no connection between the show and the MCU, a post on may have spilled the beans.

The post collected all the characters, minus Iron Fist, who were introduced at San Diego Comic-Con this year. This list is a combination of all Marvel Cinematic Universe characters, and Legion. Whether this article was just collecting everyone from comic-con or giving us a hint that mutants may be entering the MCU, it is still very exciting. It is important to note that the creators of Legion stressed that the show will not feature any X-Men characters from the films, and there is no crossover plans. If that means we will get to see mutants but not X-Men in the Marvel films, I’m sure fans will still be satisfied. This does not give us any more information about if the Fantastic Four will be making an appearance sometime in the future, but it’s a good sign that it could happen eventually.

Legion will premiere sometime early 2017 on FX.


Sean Hussey

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