Blurry Set Video Captures Spider-Man Driving

Last night, the Spider-Man : Homecoming crew was filming on the streets of Atlanta, when a video along with some pictures were taken that show our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man behind the wheel of an Audi sports car:


That is most definitely the Web Head behind the wheel! Do you guys think this is a car that Tony Stark has loaned to him? Perhaps even a Spideymobile? Or is it just a car he’s using because he’s out of web fluid? It is far too early to tell, but maybe as more set images/ videos are released it will become clearer. 

What do you guys think? Spideymobile? Or do you think he’s just driving the car almost ironically because it was stated in Civil War that he didn’t have his driver’s license? Let us know in the comments as well as on our Twitter and Instagram!

Source: ComicBookMovie