First Synopsis For ‘Black Panther’ Solo Revealed

After massive success among fans of comics and moviegoers alike, Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther is on the radar, and his solo film has gathered a lot of attention.

Lupita N’yongo, who plays a character named Nakia, let the very first plot summary slip this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con.

“I can say more than I could about Star Wars,” the actresssaid when asked about her role in the movie. “I play Nakia, who is part of the Dora Milake – whom I presume you know is a special forces group from Wakanda. The story of this Black Panther – what I am allowed to say – is that Black Panther’s leadership has been threatened by two foes who come together, and so Black Panther gets the help of the C.I.A. and the Dora Milaje to try and defeat the enemy.”

She quickly followed up her comment by saying,

“Someone’s going to fire me shortly. I have to shut up now.”

Although we don’t get a name drop on the villain, it is interesting to see that T’Challa will be searching for help from other government groups.

What are your guys’ thoughts on this miniature synopsis? Are you looking forward to Black Panther? Leave a comment below!

Source: Newsarama

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