James Wan Will Bring Horror Elements To ‘Aquaman’

Saturday was a huge day for DC Comics films at San Diego Comic-Con, as Warner Bros. revealed not only the expected and highly anticipated Wonder Woman debut trailer in Hall H, but also a Comic-Con special Justice League teaser trailer. The trailer teased all the superheroes – Superman aside, obviously – from Batman v Superman, much to the fans delight, while all the DC films directors were on stage.

One specifically, who was very ecstatic and literally couldn’t withhold his mixture of jitters and excitement, was Aquaman‘s director James Wan, when speaking about being the film’s top gun and what it means to him:

“I’m more than honored to be on this stage with all these amazing filmmakers, I mean fucking Aquaman, what can I say! The opportunity to explore this universe and bring a bit of my horror element to this. The deep sea, the scary world, and of course the wondrous world of Atlantis.”

Former Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa was cast as Aquaman a while ago, while the solo film nabbed the horror specialist as the director not too far after. This is a particularly intriguing choice for the film, as Wan’s skill behind the camera and flare for shocking suspense and horror is exactly what a movie with a deep ocean setting needs. By all means this movie should have a lot of dark themes, because of it’s organic nature, as it’s tied to massive sharks and other world creatures of the deep blue sea. One can only imagine what Wan has in store for us, waiting in the vast depths and crevices of the underwater civilisations that haven’t been explored in this aspect before. It also helps that Jason Momoa based on his personality, acting skills, love of the character, and personal connection to him via his heritage make him the ideal individual to portray this iconic character. I don’t feel there will be many fish jokes when we see him in Justice League.

Aquaman swims into theatres on July 27, 2018.