‘Supergirl’ Season Two Adds ‘Containment’ Star Chris Wood

Supergirl Season 2 is building up quite the impressive cast. After adding Lynda Carter as the President, Tyler Hoechlin as Superman himself, and multiple other key roles, you can add Chris Wood on to that roster. Wood, who has been on other CW shows The Vampire Diaries, The Carrie Diaries, and Containment has been added in an unknown role. The role is described as a surprise DC Comics character and will appear early in the second season.

So, who could Wood be playing? My guess is Power Boy. Power Boy is a character who first appeared in Teen Titans Vol. 3 #38 back in 2006. The character is from Apokolips, the home world of DC villain Darkseid. Power Boy was once a love interest of Supergirl, and an on and off member of the Teen Titans. His relationship with Supergirl was complicated throughout the comics, existing during an arc where Supergirl was poisoned and being manipulated by the character of Dark Angel.

Power Boy’s powers include enhanced physiology, empathy, flight, invulnerability, and many other abilities and powers of those of someone from Apokolips. He also had an object called a Father Box, which he communicates with and can heal his injuries as well as many other things.

Wood seems like he could fit into this character but we will not know who he is playing until Supergirl Season 2 premieres this October on the CW.

Source:  TV Line

Sean Hussey

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