Vicki Vale and Mystery Villains Coming to Season 3 of ‘Gotham’

Fans will remember Vicki Vale as Bruce Wayne’s love interest in the 1989 Tim Burton Batman film, and now she’s being brought to the small screen. A report from TV Line seems to have confirmed the character for season 3 of Gotham:

“There’s also the recurring role of an ambitious young journalist named ‘Valerie’ – which we’d like to think is casting-call code for Vicki Vale, though her late-20s age range makes her markedly older than Master Bruce.”

We’ve seen Fox take liberties with the classic Batman characters, so I’m sure they’ll find a way to meld their take on the character in with the rest of those already in the series. Additionally, the show is looking to cast villains; one who “learns people’s secrets and manipulates them to do his bidding” and a girl “who uses her sexuality to entrap men”. It sounds like Poison Ivy could potentially return? It may be a stretch, because she was young in her first appearance, but it’s never stated how large the age gap is between her and Bruce.

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What do you guys think? Are you interested to see how they introduce Vicki to this universe? Who are your thoughts for villains who fit these descriptions? Let us know in the comments as well as on our Twitter and Instagram!