Russo Brothers Comment On ‘Civil War’ End Credits Scenes

If you have NOT seen Captain America: Civil War, be warned: SPOILERS FOLLOW.


Mid-credit scenes and/or post-credit scenes have been a tradition in the MCU ever since Iron Man first hit theaters in 2008. If you leave a theater before the screen goes black and stays black, you’ll get confused looks and occasional comments; “Stay in your seat, there’s always more!”

Civil War was no exception here, as it had both a mid-credits and post-credits scene. The former saw Team Cap hiding out in Wakanda under T’Challa’s refuge, and Bucky going in some sort of stasis until he achieved full mental recovery from his Hydra-brainwash. Steve Rogers warns T’Challa that if someone was to find out he was protecting the Winter Soldier, they’d come looking for him. To which the Black Panther replied: “Let them try”, as the camera shifted to reveal a gigantic panther statue in the middle of the jungle. It gave me the chills.

“The defiance of T’Challa and the mystery of what the place is. This idea that he would offer refuge to Cap, this guy he’s been fighting the whole movie, and Bucky, this guy who he’s been trying to kill the whole movie … is just a really cool arc for him to go through and it’s inspiring,” Joe Russo said when asked about that statue’s meaning.

The second scene focused on the other newcomer in the MCU – Tom Holland’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man. He receives a package in the mail with some wristband type thing that, when activated, gives off a spider signal, similar to Batman’s famous bat signal. This was very obviously a gift from Tony Stark himself, and the Russos explained this by saying that he would have quite the impact on next year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tom Holland’s first solo adventure in the MCU:

“There were similarities we knew he’d be attracted to in this kid, namely that he’s a technological genius as well. He sees a real opportunity to mentor someone.”

Captain America: Civil War is now playing in theaters.


Jonathan Warncke

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