The Flash Season Finale Promises “Crazy Stuff”

After a very successful second season, Season 2 of CW’s The Flash is coming to a close on May 24th and fans are in for a treat, according to the producers and a certain Harrison Wells. The 19th episode of season 2 airs tonight and that leaves only three weeks left until the finale itself.

DC’s All Access got behind the scenes and scored an interview with Tom Canavagh who portrays Dr. Harrison Wells on the show.

“In this one I build a second particle accelerator, because we need Barry to get to where he’s got to get to … And the first one blowed up, so what do you do? You build a second one. Are people happy about that? No they’re not, and do you know why? Because the first one blowed up. So why are we building a second one?”

Canavagh also went onto say that the season finale promises plenty of action ranging from explosions, emotional goodbyes, and a possibly death (even though that last one sounded sarcastic in the interview). With Zoom’s impending arrival to bring eventual Doom to Central City, a lot is being saved up for the season finale. The possibility of a second particle accelerator accident also sets up Season 3 perfectly with the introduction of new Metahumans. The show has been a big hit so far and has delivered on all fronts and it doesn’t look like it’ll be slowing down anytime soon. The Season Finale will air on May 24th.


Hamed Alazzamy

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