When Captain Marvel Will Likely Make Her Debut In The MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to explode with a frenzy of new characters. Characters like Spider-Man and Black Panther are making their cinematic debut with many more to come. With Captain America: Civil War beginning to hit theaters everywhere, Phase 2 of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is finally coming to a close. Phase 3 is in full effect and many are waiting to see which characters will finally be making the jump from the page to the screen. One such hero is none other than Captain Marvel A.K.A Carol Danvers, and it seems that we finally know when to expect her to hit the big screen.

According to a recent report from Heroic Insider, the rumors seem to indicate that the actress playing Carol (whoever that may be) will have to arrive to the set of Avengers: Infinity War by the end of this year. This means that audiences will get their first glimpse of the fan favorite character when Thanos finally brings his war to earth to get his hands on the infinity stones. The details on this are still shaky, at best so don’t get too excited on anything just yet. Though the actress will obviously have to make her way to the set by the end of this year, it’s still unclear whether or not Marvel has cast her or not. Numerous names have been thrown around with regards to whom could take up the role, from Brie Larson to Jessica Chastain and even Ronda Rousey! Personally I’d like to see Natalie Dormer take up the role. I think she’d play it perfectly!

Getting the Captain Marvel property finally up and running and making its way to the silver screen is a huge step for Marvel. Despite consistent presence by both Black Widow, and Scarlet Witch there is still a lack of female characters in the spotlight, with the exception of Jessica Jones and Agent Carter, each with their own tv shows (which you should definitely check out). Warner Brothers will beat Marvel to the punch with Wonder Woman getting her own solo film next year so they need to make sure they really nail the character when she finally gets her chance on the big screen.

You can check out the entire segment from Heroic Insider below to see the announcement for yourself.

Captain Marvel has yet to be cast. If these rumors are true, then the character will debut in Avengers: Infinity War Part One, which will hit theaters on May 4, 2018. Her solo film is currently slated for a May 8, 2019 release date. Be sure to follow @ComicDrops on Twitter for future updates!