Ben Affleck Rumored To Have Full Creative Control Over ‘Batman’ Standalone Film

A few months ago news broke that Ben Affleck, who was praised by both fans and critics for his portrayal of Bruce Wayne/Batman in this year’s Batman V Superman, would be directing and writing the upcoming DCEU standalone Batman movie.

Now Heroic Hollywood is claiming that Affleck and his assistant Geoff Johns would have full creative control over the film, meaning they could tell the Caped Crusader’s story just like they want to without having instructions by Zack Snyder or anyone at Warner Bros.

Although this has not been commented on by Affleck, Johns or Warner Bros., it’s very possible, as Affleck has proven his skill as a director in 2013’s Argo, which won an Oscar for “Best Picture”. The untitled Batman solo movie does not have a release date yet. What Batman story would you like to see adapted? Let us know on our Instagram and Twitter accounts!


Jonathan Warncke

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