Cable’s Crucial Role in ‘Deadpool’ Sequel

Even before the release of Deadpool, Fox confirmed the film’s sequel due to the hype of fans who have been waiting for the Merc with a Mouth to show up on the big screen (without that mouth being sewn shut). In the post-credit scene, Deadpool reveals to the audience that it has already been decided to put Cable in the sequel. Since the two often share story arcs in the comics, it’s no surprise that we’re going to see him fight with Wade Wilson.


Some wonder why we’re going to see Cable in Deadpool‘s sequel as opposed to having just put him in the first film, or perhaps saving him for a later occasion such as the heavily rumored X-Force movie. One possible answer to this is that the studio wanted to wait until they saw the concrete reactions from fans to the first Deadpool where the attention would, for the most part, be completely on the title character. Fox knows that the die-hard Deadpool fans want to see the two characters together, but they had to try and pull in average movie-goers to turn them into a fan of the franchise, and having a story revolve around Deadpool and Cable together might have turned those people away simply because they would not be as into the plot as fans who have read the comics. Now however, they have seen how the public has reacted to the first movie, and perhaps it will either convince them to pick up some Deadpool and Cable comics now that they know he’s a character to come, or at the very least keep them interested enough to want to see the sequel regardless of the characters in it. Because Deadpool and Cable have such a dynamic, it’s easy to see why Fox wouldn’t want to make fans wait even longer to see him in a movie.

On the particular role Cable will play, director Tim Miller told this to IGN:

“Why he was put together with Deadpool…it’s the same reason we had Colossus; he’s a straight man. And I think Deadpool needs a straight man. Cable is the ultimate, archetypal, silent, strong, and cynical warrior, which Deadpool is not.”


Cable is a straight-shooter; he keeps his eyes on the mission at all times which is why he goes so well with Deadpool. Wade is the complete opposite – while always getting his mission done, his wicked sense of humor, fourth wall-breaking, and his outright insanity contrast the characteristics of Cable very well. The way in which Colossus interacted with Deadpool in the first film is very similar to his relationship with Cable. The reactions to everything that Deadpool did caused the audience to laugh as much as his actions themselves did. Because Deadpool and Cable are more closely associated with one another than Deadpool and Colossus are, we will see much more of that dynamic in the sequel , probably under more dyer circumstances than in the original film.

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Source: Cinemablend