‘Civil War’ To Reference Luke Cage?

According to Comic Book, Disney has listed out MCU newcommer Alfre Woodard to be attending the premier of Captain America: Civil War. Woodard is already attached to the next Netflix/Marvel series, Luke Cage, and many have speculated that she’d be playing Mariah Dillard, who will supposedly be a different take on Powerman’s original enemy, Black Mariah.

The only real evidence that is backing her as a character to the film is that her charcter is a politician. This film will focus heavily on the government side of superheroes, making it a great place for Marvel to hint at one of their up-and-coming properties.

The site goes on to claim that along with Woodard, Luke Cage actor Mike Colter will be hitting the red carpet as a, “special guest”. Joining Colter will be Jessica Jones cast members, Daredevil cast members, and actors from Agents of Sheild. Given that Woodard was the only one from Marvel TV not listed as a, “special guest”, we are inclined to believe she is there for a different reason.

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Source: Comic Book

Ryland Sample

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