Gambit Production Delayed Once Again

Gambit has once again hit another production delay. The film was supposed to begin filming in just a few months with a planned release sometime next year. It’s being reported that the delay comes from the film’s director, Doug Liman, signing on to direct The Wall for Amazon Studios. The good new’s here is that it will be a relatively small production which will allow him to complete the project before returning to Gambit, which he still plans on directing.

After the re-writes and completion of The Wall, Liman is expected to start production from scratch, so don’t expect any previously rumored casting decisions. While this does sound bad, it seems like they are really working to get the movie just right rather than rushing it out.

We’ll just have to wait and see how it all works out with Liman at the helm. As of now Gambit has no official release date but based off production schedules, there is still a good chance that the movie may still be releasing sometime next year.