‘Lobo’ Film Not Dead; ‘Wonder Woman’ Writer To Pen Script

There have been a few rumors across the internet for the past year or so that DC and Warner Bros. were looking to revisit the idea of bring the interstellar bounty hunter known as Lobo to the big screen. For those of you who weren’t following along back in 2012, DC and WB hired Journey 2: The Mysterious Island director Brad Peyton to helm the project.

“It’s one of those things where, creatively, you and I get it, but there’s a lot of people that don’t quite get that,” Peyton told SHH. “It’s a real uphill battle to talk people into spending a lot of money to do things correctly… I was really happy with the script, [though]. I talked to Dwayne about it. Joel Silver and I had a really amazing meeting about it. I did a rewrite of the script and was really, really excited for it. In their estimation, though, he wasn’t one of those main guys… that’s fair enough.”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was reportedly in talks to play the titular character, but as soon as the film died, he shifted his attention to the film Shazam and is now cast as Black Adam. Aside from said rumors of DC looking to revitalize the film, there really hasn’t been any hint towards WB being interested in the project… until now. The Wrap is reporting that Wonder Woman writer Jason Fuchs has been hired by the studio to write the script for a Lobo film. The source states that Jason will “start from scratch with his own take” on “The Main Man”. Lobo is an interstellar mercenary/bounty hunter alien who was originally created by Roger Silfer and Keith Giffen, where he made his first appearance in Omega Men Issue #3 in 1983. “The ‘Bo” possesses many abilities such as superhuman strength, and stamina, immortality, a healing factor, and many others. He’s not a widley known DC character but, Lobo has appeared many in Batman and Superman’s animated series, as well in an episode of the Justice League animated series titled “Hearafter” which sees him eager to join the Super Seven after it’s believed that Superman has died. As of right now there is no indication of the film being attached to the DCEU. With The Rock already playing Black Adam, who would you like to see take on the role of Lobo? If you can’t think of anyone right now, maybe Danny Trejo could give you a hand.

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