Liev Schreiber to Reprise Role as Sabertooth in Wolverine 3?

Fans are anxiously awaiting the release of the third Wolverine movie, the last time that Hugh Jackman will don the adamantium claws. Sad as it is, it is exciting to speculate the direction in which Fox will take the film. News about it is very scarce, as of right now, though we do know it will be an adaptation of the Old Man Logan story arc, and Fox is aiming for an R rating. It has been clarified that the target R rating is not due to the success of the recently released Deadpool, however the merc with a mouth’s movie assured the studio that an R rated superhero film would be successful among audiences. The announcement of the R rating delighted the vast majority of fans, because it gives them a chance to see Wolverine more vicious and vulgar than in any of the previous X-Men or standalone films. It also seems that some new information, unconfirmed, has dropped at the 2016 Oscars.

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MTV News caught up with Liev Schreiber, the actor who portrayed Sabretooth in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. When they asked him if he would reprise his role as one of Wolverine’s most iconic rivals, he was quoted saying,

“We talked about it, I don’t know. He’s mentioned it to me. The Old Man Logan story – that’s appealing. That’s something I can do. Old, being the operative word.”

Despite his sense of humor, it does not seem that this possibility is unlikely; Schreiber’s Sabretooth was one character that didn’t upset fans immensely from X-Men: Origins. Also, if Hugh Jackman has brought up the movie to him, he might be advocating for Schreiber’s return to the franchise. Of course, nothing is confirmed and we will have to wait for more news on to drop on the film.

What do you guys think? Would you like to see Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine take on Sabretooth one last time? Or should Fox leave Schreiber behind with X-Men: Origins? Let us know in the comments!