George Miller Producing ‘Justice League Part One’ AND Mera Confirmed?

A new casting call(Acting Auditions) has been sent out for the upcoming Justice League Part One and with it a few extra details on other heroes set to appear in the film. A few months ago actress, Amber Heard was announced to be playing the role of Mera, the Queen of Atlantis,┬áin the DCEU. After a casting call sent out for the film it seems that Heard will make her debut in Justice League Part One. Mera isn’t the only other rumored hero to make an appearance in the film, Green Lantern is also mentioned in the casting call. For a couple months we have speculated that Lantern will make show up in the second installment of the Justice League films but it seems the Emerald Knight may be coming to the big screen earlier than expected. Green Lantern hasn’t officially been announced but there are rumors of his casting that you can see here.

Aside from casting news another interesting name popped up in the casting call and that is George Miller. George Miller is an Oscar Nominated director for his work on last years Mad Max: Fury Road. Crazy enough Miller was rumored to be directing a sequel to Man of Steel but that rumor was shut down a couple of weeks later by Miller himself when he said that he would be stepping away from blockbuster movies to focus more on smaller pictures he had in mind. According to the casting call, the studio has found a way tp bring Miller back to the studio to help with the DCEU big team film.

What do you think about all the DCEU news? Are you excited Miller is joining Warner Bros. and their upcoming DCEU? How do you feel about Amber Heard playing Mera? Is Green Lantern going to be showing up in the first installment of the Justice League? Be sure to let us know on Facebook and Twitter!