Ben Affleck Interested In Directing Superhero Film

The Internet practically imploded when Snyder casted Ben Affleck as Batman. After the actor’s first attempt at playing a superhero role as the titular character in Daredevil, many wrote Affleck off completely as an actor. However, Ben has recently shown his fantastic acting abilities by giving award winning performances in The Town, Agro, and most recently Gone Girl, making him one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood. Affleck has also proved himself as a director, with his first directed movie Agro winning an Oscar in 2013 for Best Picture. With a solo Batman film trilogy in the works at WB, it’s been heavily rumored that Ben Affleck will direct at least the first film in the trilogy, and co-write the story with DC mastermind Geoff Johns. Directing a superhero film has become on of the hot gigs to land in Hollywood, and while in an interview with USA Today, Ben Aflleck touched on the idea of him directing a superhero flick.

I’ll just say going through the process, I would never have imagined that I could or would direct a movie like this. And in working with (Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder) and seeing what he did and watching him every day, I got really inspired by that and by seeing the scope on which he was telling the story, by seeing what he was able to do with this kind of mythic story on a grand scale.”

While this isn’t a flat out confirmation, him being remotely interested in directing a film of this genre adds some fuel to the rumor of him helming the next Batman solo project. I believe it won’t be long until some type of news regarding the next upcoming Batman film. Perhaps WB and DC are waiting so see how the public reacts to Batfleck in Batman v Superman? Only time will tell. Until we get confirmation, would you like to see Ben Affleck take on the Dark Knight’s new film trilogy? What stories would you like to see adapted? Let us know in the comments on Instagram! @DCUNews.

Source: USA Today

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