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Hello Games

No Man’s Sky is going to be the game that is going to change the world of gaming. The creators of such this wonderfully made game is a small developing company called “Hello Games” run by mastermind Sean Murray. Previous games made by Hello Games include: Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2.

Why is this gonna change gaming?

There are so many reason why this up and coming game called No Man’s Sky is gonna change the world of gaming. One reason being the size of a free roam gameplay that you will be able to embark on. With just over 18 Quintillion Plants to explore, the game is quite big. This is done by a X,Y,Z system based on your location in the game. The programing of the game will take the data and instantly upload and delete the data that is needed and not needed, that is so that the game will be a normalize the required storage for this game.

Take a look at this gameplay video from E3 2015. Notice what he says about the Galactic Map and how big it is (0:30).

What is the game about?

Since the game will take more than 4 billion years to explore (if you spent 1 minute on every planet) there are lots of things you will be able to do in No Man’s Sky. This game is open for a lot of people and will make all kinds of game players happy. If you are a hunter, you can hunt planet life on each of the planets. If you are a thrill seeker and like running from the cops, you will find a GTA style wanted system fun as you run from the each planets Centennials. If you are an explorer you’ll love this game because of the solar systems and all the planets have to offer. There are other things of course like trading, discovering, traveling to the center of the universe, and much more to find.

Cool points about No Man’s Sky

  • You will never beat this game and there will always be something to do.
  • There is no objective of the game and no telling you where to go.
  • You may or may not find your friends on this game.
  • Anything you discover you can name as yours.

And much much more. Check out some videos below to help get a better under standing of No Man’s Sky.

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